Our National Practice

The CDPP is a national prosecution service.  We practice in each State and Territory of Australia.  The CDPP has a Head Office in Canberra and Regional Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.  There are sub-offices of the Brisbane Office in Townsville and Cairns, which perform prosecutions in central and north Queensland.

Head Office provides advice to the Director and coordinates the work of the Office across Australia.  Head Office is also responsible for case work in the Australian Capital Territory.  The CDPP Regional Offices are responsible for conducting prosecutions and any confiscation action in the relevant region.

The CDPP has staff located throughout its Offices Australia-wide, the largest being Sydney.  The Deputy Director in Melbourne has the senior management responsibility for the Tasmania office.  The Deputy Director in Brisbane has a similar role in relation to the Northern Territory and North Queensland offices.

The larger offices (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth) each have a Senior Management Committee which meets on a regular basis to assist the Deputy Director in charge of that office.  There is a less formal structure within the other offices, which reflects the size of those offices.

The Executive Leadership Group (ELG) is the key advisory group to the Director.  This comprises Head Office and Regional Office Deputy Directors and advises on:

  • strategy;
  • policy;
  • planning;
  • practice management;
  • corporate management;
  • performance reporting; and
  • significant issues of national interest to the office.

Click here to access our Senior Management Organisation Chart showing the senior executive officers of the CDPP and their areas of responsibility