Australia’s Federal Prosecution Service

As Australia’s Federal prosecution service we prosecute crimes against Commonwealth law.

These matters include, but are not limited to:

  • terrorism
  • serious drug offences
  • money laundering
  • human trafficking and slavery
  • people smuggling
  • child exploitation
  • cybercrime
  • corporate and commercial offending
  • regulatory non-compliance
  • workplace safety
  • environmental crimes
  • corruption
  • unlawful disclosure of information
  • copyright offences
  • perjury
  • failure to vote 

It is important work, specialised work, and essential if Commonwealth law is to be respected and maintained.

Our prosecutions are often multifaceted and feature international transactions, and overseas evidence reflecting the global nature of Commonwealth offending.

Given the nature and complexity of our work, we have established a number of national legal practice groups:

  • Commercial and Financial Corruption
  • Revenue and Benefits Fraud
  • International Assistance and Specialist Agencies
  • Organised Crime and Counter-Terrorism
  • Illegal Imports/Exports
  • Human Trafficking and Border Protection

These specialist teams operate in every state and territory and are dedicated to prosecuting specific categories of crime assigned to their group.

In 2014-15 the CDPP achieved a 98 per cent conviction rate, well above our target of 90 per cent. This is testament to the ongoing collaboration between investigative agencies and the CDPP, and the specialist knowledge of CDPP staff responsible for bringing cases before the courts.

Ensuring adequate sentences are imposed for crimes committed is an ongoing concern for the CDPP. Where necessary, the CDPP will appeal sentences considered insufficient. The Director has spearheaded a number of high level appeals in the areas of corporate offending and internet child exploitation offending. Successful appeals have resulted in non-custodial sentences being substituted with custodial ones, demonstrating the legitimate role of appeals in the justice system, and the commitment of the CDPP to successfully prosecute crimes against Commonwealth law for the benefit of society.

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