Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

David GRUBB - Child exploitation offences

Human Exploitation and Border Protection
New South Wales

A 39-year-old Sydney man, David Leslie Grubb was convicted for child exploitation offences—using a carriage service, to procure a person under 16 years of age for sexual activity and for possessing child abuse material. Grubb was also sentenced for separate state offences. In relation to the matters prosecuted by the CDPP, Grubb was sentenced to an effective sentence of 3 years imprisonment to be released after serving 2 years and 6 months upon entering into a recognizance release order. 

Grubb placed an anonymous advertisement on the personal section of an online classified website with the intention of meeting a person for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.

Investigators responded to the advertisement using the profile of a 14 year old girl and continued to communicate with Grubb for approximately two months by email and a social media application. Grubb thought that he was communicating with a 14 year old girl. The communications were of a sexual nature. 

On 14 March 2017, investigators, under the assumed identity of the 14 year old girl, organised to meet Grubb in Parramatta. Grubb attended the meeting with the intention of taking the girl back to his house to engage in sexual activity. Grubb was arrested at this location.

A search was conducted of Grubb’s vehicle where two mobile phones were located and seized. Analysis of the mobile phones revealed files containing child abuse material.

Grubb initially denied any sexual interest in children and said that he thought he may have been engaging in role play or fantasy communications.


David Grubb pleaded guilty to one count of using a carriage service to procure a person under 16 years of age for sexual activity and one count of possessing child abuse material (under sections 474.26(1) of the Criminal Code (Cth) and Section 91H(2) of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)).