Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions



A 70-year-old Queensland man, Milan Rakic was sentenced to four years imprisonment, to be released after serving one year, for claiming welfare payments in two different names — under an adopted identity of Mr Gordon Megson, as well as his own name of Mr Milan Rakic.

Over a period of 13 years between May 2001 and June 2014, Rakic received $199,186.24 in Disability Support Pension paid to his adopted identity.  Throughout the period he was also receiving Disability Support Pension in his own name. 

Rakic went to great lengths to prepare false documents in order to convince authorities he was Gordon Megson and he produced these documents when challenged. 

These offences were detected in 2013 following an investigation commenced after a Medicare data match.  Thereafter, a search warrant was executed at Rakic’s home where police located bank statements, bank cards, prescription medication, compensation information, taxation information, credit cards and Medicare cards in the name of Megson.

His Honour, Judge Everson described the case as ‘Sophisticated offending over an extensive period of time which resulted in a considerable unlawful gain’ to Rakic.

His Honour noted Rakic’s offending occurred over an extensive period, involved a significant amount of money and demonstrated a degree of sophistication which incorporated identity fraud.  He found Rakic’s offending was motivated by greed’. 

‘He pleaded guilty, had offended over a period of 13 years, had adopted a false identity to commit the offence and there was a high degree of sophistication to the offending.  As a 70-years-old with an extensive criminal history, the offending was motivated by greed’, added Judge Everson.

Rakic co-operated with the AFP in Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 litigation in relation to the recovery of the amount defrauded.

The parole release date was set earlier than would otherwise been the case in recognition of Rakic’s advanced age and ill health.



On 10 September 2015 Milan Rakic was convicted and sentenced for:

  • one count of obtaining financial advantage by deception contrary to s 134.2(1) of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)

The offender was sentenced to four (4) years imprisonment to be released after serving one (1) year.


Repayment of monies

On 10 June 2014, a Proceeds of Crime application was heard in the District Court at Brisbane and, as a consequence of the resulting order, property located at Rakic’s home, and a term deposit with a balance in excess of $400,000 held in the name of Ralf Fuge, was frozen. 

On 24 October 2014, by consent order, $208,486.47 was released from the frozen funds and paid to Centrelink in satisfaction of the fraud.