Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

Mohammad Reza FAYAZI - People smuggling

People Smuggling
New South Wales


On 19 October 2017, 28-year-old Iranian Mohammad Reza Fayazi was sentenced in the District Court of New South Wales to eight years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of four years, for assisting people smugglers in Indonesia.

Between June 2012 to late March 2013, Fayazi acted as a conduit for a people smuggling gang organising accommodation, transport and food for passengers as they waited to board boats to Australia. Many of the passengers were Iranian.

Fayazi was arrested on 14 December 2013 when he arrived on Christmas Island on board SIEV 871 along with 39 others. He was arrested by the Australian Federal Police and charged with numerous counts of aggravated people smuggling offences in February 2014.

In April he pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated people smuggling, with five further people smuggling matters to be taken into account, relating to three vessels that arrived in Australia from Indonesia in 2012 and 2013.

Fayazi’s co-accused, Mohammad Naghi Karimi Azar, was extradited from Indonesia in October 2016. He remains in custody and is due to face trial in 2018.

Fayazi’s family lives in Sydney after arriving on SIEV422 on 25 August 2012. He was left behind in Indonesia after the people smugglers demanded more money.


On 19 October 2017, Mohammad Fayazi was convicted and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of four years, in relation to:

  • 1 count of Aggravated Offence of People Smuggling (5 or more persons) contrary to section 233C of the Migration Act 1958 (SIEV 586)
  • 5 counts of Offence of People Smuggling contrary to section 233A of the Migration Act 1958 (SIEV 558).

Fayazi will be eligible for parole in December 2017.