Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

MEDIA STATEMENT: Hassan El Sabsabi - CDPP appeal

Date of Publication: 
23 June 2017

On 4 December 2015 Mr El Sabsabi appeared before the Victorian Supreme Court in Melbourne where he pleaded guilty to two rolled up charges of doing acts preparatory to incursions into a foreign State, namely Syria, for the purpose of engaging in hostile activities.  It was alleged that on 11 separate occasions Mr El Sabsabi transferred funds, totaling AUD$15,999, to a US citizen for the purpose of facilitating that person’s travel from the US to Syria and, once there, to enable that person to engage in hostile activities in that country.

On 7 December 2016 Mr El Sabsabi was sentenced to imprisonment for 44 days after which he was ordered to be released on a two-year Community Corrections Order.

Prosecution Appeal – Victorian Court of Appeal

The Commonwealth DPP appealed against the adequacy of the sentence imposed on Mr El Sabsabi.  That appeal was heard on 9 June 2017.

On 23 June 2017, the Victorian Court of Appeal dismissed the Director’s appeal against sentence.

CCA Judgment - DPP (Cth) v El Sabsabi [2017] VSCA 160 (23 June 2017)