Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

New Victims and Witnesses’ website

The CDPP has launched a new website to provide information about the prosecution process to victims, witnesses, their carers and support people. 

The CDPP Director Sarah McNaughton SC said “This site is an important way to support vulnerable victims and witnesses, who are often caught up in the prosecution process without previous experience of the legal system.”

“An important part of our prosecution work at the CDPP is treating victims and witnesses with courtesy, compassion, cultural sensitivity and respect for their dignity and entitlements.

“Providing useful information in an accessible way to victims and witnesses of Commonwealth crime, builds on what our prosecutors and Witness Assistance Service officers have always done. We hope this new site enhances and builds upon the work we already do in guiding victims and witnesses through each step of the prosecution process and going to court.”

The site gives victims, witnesses and their support network a comprehensive overview of the tailored and timely information and resources available to them.  

It is broken up into four main sections: your role in the prosecution, the prosecution process, going to court, and support and entitlements.

The content, format and functionality of the new site was informed by feedback from victims and witnesses who had recently been involved with CDPP prosecutions, among others.

To access the site, click on the victims and witnesses’ tab at the top of this page. Read the press release about the new site on the Attorney General’s website.