Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP)

Criminal Confiscation Statistics

Criminal Confiscation Statistics


The tables below provide the following statistics in relation to criminal confiscation.


Table 1: POC Act 2002: Orders and Forfeitures in 2014-2015
Conviction based pecuniary penalty orders3$166,213
Conviction based forfeiture orders24$1,415,282


Table 2: Criminal Assets: Summary of Recoveries for 2014-2015
 Amount recovered
POC Act 1987 pecuniary penalty orders$105,774
POC Act 1987 forfeiture orders$0
POC Act 1987 automatic forfeiture$0
POC Act 1987 total$105,774
POC Act 2002 pecuniary penalty orders$81,955
POC Act 2002 forfeiture orders$2,227,342
POC Act 2002 automatic forfeiture$3,581,513
POC Act 2002 total$5,890,810
Grand total$5,996,584