Working with the CDPP

The CDPP frequently engages counsel to support the litigation work conducted by the Office and invites interested junior counsel to apply for the CDPP's External Junior Counsel Panel. 

The work of the CDPP is diverse, complex and interesting, including prosecuting offences in the following areas: 

  • drug importations
  • online child sexual exploitation
  • terrorism
  • espionage
  • money laundering
  • human trafficking, slavery and slavery like practices
  • fraud (including tax fraud, welfare fraud and medifraud)
  • corporation, including cartel offences
  • regulatory offences.

In 2016, the CDPP established a national panel of junior counsel to increase the number of counsel briefed, improve gender equity in briefing practices and ensure counsel have up to date and relevant experience to undertake the work of the office. 

More information about the panel can be found in the CDPP's External Junior Counsel Panel fact sheet

Who can apply to join the CDPP's Counsel Panel?

Junior barristers can join the panel at Level 1 or Level 2 based on their years of experience at the Bar: 

Level 1 Barristers who have been on the Roll for up to 3 years
Level 2 Barristers who have been on the Roll for 3 years or more

There is no panel for Senior Counsel, who are approached directly in relation to briefs. 

How can I apply to join the CDPP's External Junior Counsel Panel?   

To apply to join the External Junior Counsel Panel, please complete the online application form. 

The form is the same for both Level 1 and Level 2 applicants, but applicants will need to indicate the level they are applying for and address the selection criteria applicable to that level. Please see the selection criteria for each level below.

Junior Counsel Selection Criteria Level 1

Junior Counsel Selection Criteria Level 2

The selection process

Applicants will not be interviewed, rather the CDPP will assess applicants on their written application and experience. The CDPP may consult referees, or the applicants, if they require further information. 

Meeting the selection criteria alone does not guarantee that counsel will be added to the panel. Each application will be assessed on its merits, taking into account counsel's overall suitability and requirements of the CDPP. 

The CDPP may periodically review the panel taking into account the changing needs of the CDPP. This may include removing counsel from the panel. Counsel will be notified directly if this occurs. 

Existing panel members

Existing panel members can update their experience, highlight recent achievements and update any other details by completing the Existing Counsel member update details form