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Fraud Case Report

A 56-year-old Northern Territory woman misused her position as CEO of a corporation by presenting false receipts for various activities that never took place.

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Wickenby: A lasting legacy

The latest edition of Targeting tax crime reflects on the legacy of Project Wickenby, now that the 10 year project is coming to a close. It explores how the success and lessons from Wickenby will continue to be employed in the fight against tax crime into the future.

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Aviation safety case report

NSW South Coast man, a 77-year-old licenced pilot, was recently charged with operating an aircraft recklessly and endangering the life of another person. The helicopter flew into the ocean near Malua Bay and tragically a women died.

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Serious drugs case report

A 43-year-old man was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for trafficking eight packages of pure methylamphetamine concealed inside two pairs of Lycra bike shorts into Australia.

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Financial Corruption Case Report

A former Financial Advisor was recently sentenced to six years and three months imprisonment for defrauding 163 clients of $5.9 million over a period of 23 years—collecting close to $3 million personally.

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People Smuggling Case Report

A 43-year-old Afghani national was recently sentenced to eleven years and three months gaol for facilitating the smuggling of non-citizens to Australia who had no legal right to enter the country.

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The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) is an independent prosecuting service established by the Parliament of Australia to prosecute Commonwealth criminal offences.

The CDPP plays a vital role in achieving a fair, safe and just society where the laws of the Commonwealth are respected and maintained. We prosecute offences designed to protect our borders, protect Commonwealth revenue, maintain the integrity of corporate regulation, and protect the Australian community.