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The CDPP is Australia’s Federal Prosecutor

The CDPP is an independent prosecuting service established by the Parliament of Australia to prosecute Commonwealth criminal offences.

The CDPP plays a vital role in achieving a fair, safe and just society where the laws of the Commonwealth are respected and maintained and there is public confidence in the justice system. We prosecute offences designed to protect our borders, protect Commonwealth revenue, maintain the integrity of corporate regulation, and protect the Australian community. Offences including the importation of drugs, tax and social security fraud, people smuggling, slavery, online child exploitation and terrorism form part of the wide and varied practice of the CDPP. We aim to deliver justice in relation to all offences we prosecute by ensuring prosecutions are conducted fairly, consistently and justly.

Latest Media Releases

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4 Mar 2015

A 31 year old Romanian man—a tech-savvy criminal— was sentenced to seven years imprisonment with a non-parole period of three and a half years for extracting cash from foreign bank accounts using cloned ATM cards and then arranging for $636,775AUD to be sent overseas. Read more

2 Mar 2015

Thirty-six year old Mark Clermont and 35 year old Matheiu Horobjowsky—both Canadian citizens—were sentenced on 25 February 2015 for importing 85.5 kilograms of pure cocaine and 192.8 kilograms of methamphetamines inside a road roller. Read more

25 Feb 2015

Thirty-two Australians who were members of a sophisticated international drug trafficking syndicate have been convicted and sentenced to gaol for a total period in excess of 275 years. Read more