The prosecution of fraud offences is a major part of the CDPP’s overall practice. These prosecutions are fundamental in protecting the resources of the Commonwealth for the benefit of all Australians. Fraud prosecutions are diverse. Frauds can be committed in numerous ways and span the broad range of Commonwealth programs and assistance available to the Australian community as well as the Australian taxation system. These revenue and benefit systems rely heavily on the integrity and honesty of all Australians.

Frauds can range from making false statements to very sophisticated and highly structured offending designed to evade taxation obligations. We prosecute a wide range of fraud offences. For example, the CDPP prosecutes frauds against the federal government, internal fraud, counterfeit currency, family day care fraud, social security fraud, tax fraud, Medicare fraud and fraud-related money laundering.

Fraud prosecutions can be helpfully divided into 3 main categories:

  1. Tax Fraud (and Serious Financial Taskforce matters)
  2. Social Security Fraud, and
  3. General Fraud.