Preparing Your Application

Initial Steps

  • Obtain and read the selection material for the position. The selection material lists the duties and the competencies (selection criteria) for the position;
  • Seek clarification or additional information on the CDPP or the position by taking the opportunity to speak with the contact officer nominated in the advertisement;
  • Conduct some research on the CDPP. Useful resources are available on this site e.g. the Annual Report, Corporate Plan etc;
  • Be aware of the closing date and how to lodge your application (see below). If, for any reason, you cannot submit your application by the closing date, you should discuss this with the contact officer, at the earliest opportunity.

How to lodge your application

Applications should be lodged electronically under the ‘Careers’ section at You will be asked to complete a set of questions that include:

  • Personal Particulars
  • Education Qualifications
  • Employment History
  • A summary addressing the competencies for the position (please note the allocated word limit). See next heading for further details.
  • Referee Details
  • You will also be required to attach your Resume/Curriculum Vitae (and Academic Transcript if applicable).

Note: You are able to copy and paste text from a Word document directly into your application. You may amend your application up until the closing time for applications.

If you are unable to lodge your application online, please contact the nominated contact officer to make alternative arrangements.

Writing Your Summary

A summary addressing the competencies (selection criteria) will form a crucial part of your application. You are encouraged to set out why you have the right aptitude, skills and experience for the vacancy based on these competencies. You may wish to include examples to demonstrate and substantiate your claims against the competencies that can be verified by your referees.

Who sees my application?

The following people can view your application:

  • you
  • the selection panel responsible for assessing your application
  • the delegate (the manager who has the authority to approve selection decisions)
  • the recruitment team that administers recruitment for the us.

Privacy and security

We recognise and respect your privacy and are bound by the Information Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988. By submitting a job application you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described below.

Additional information is available in the CDPP’s privacy statement or from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

We collect information from you directly when you complete the online application. We may also collect information from:

  • you, directly at other stages during the selection process;
  • any competency test you sit during the selection process; and
  • your referees.

This information is used for the purpose of selecting a person to fill the advertised position and in some cases to create an order of merit to fill positions similar to the advertised position by this agency or another agency looking to fill a similar position. Your contact information is retained on the system to allow you to easily use the system in the future. It remains there for your own reference and you will need to start a new submission for any future job application you may decide to make.

Further assistance

Please contact the Recruitment Manager at if you have any questions regarding the system.