Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

General Prosecutions

General Prosecutions

Due to the breadth of Commonwealth criminal legislation, the CDPP is also responsible for prosecuting a range of offences that do not fall within the areas addressed in the categories listed earlier. General prosecutions may include crimes such as:

  • corruption;
  • copyright offences;
  • perjury;
  • failing to vote;
  • bigamy;
  • offensive behaviour; and
  • unlawful disclosure of information.


  • s.142.2(1) Criminal Code – abuse of public office
  • s.70(1) Crimes Act 1914 – disclosure of information by Commonwealth officers


The maximum penalty for abuse of public office is 5 years imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for unlawful disclosure of information by a Commonwealth officer is 2 years imprisonment.


The CDPP provides sentencing data to the Commonwealth Sentencing Database (CSD). Permission to access the CSD can be obtained at

Relevant Legislation

Practice Group Instructions (PGI)

PGI IASA No. 2 – PDF icon Computer browsing offences under the Criminal Code

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