Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

General Prosecutions

General Prosecutions

Due to the breadth of Commonwealth criminal legislation, the CDPP is also responsible for prosecuting a range of offences that do not fall within the areas addressed in the categories listed earlier. General prosecutions may include crimes such as:

  • corruption
  • copyright offences
  • perjury
  • failing to vote
  • bigamy
  • offensive behaviour, and
  • unlawful disclosure of information.


  • s.142.2(1) Criminal Code – abuse of public office
  • s.70(1) Crimes Act 1914 – disclosure of information by Commonwealth officers


The maximum penalty for abuse of public office is 5 years imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for unlawful disclosure of information by a Commonwealth officer is 2 years imprisonment.

Relevant Legislation

Practice Group Instructions (PGI)

PGI IASA No. 2 – PDF icon Computer browsing offences under the Criminal Code

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