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CDPP cultural elements


The CDPP has launched a range of branded cultural elements which were designed by Sarah Levett, a proud Wiradjuri Gundungurra woman in consultation with our Communication team.  Sarah is from the First Nations Creative Agency, Yirra Miya, which means ‘growing together’ in Wiradjuri.

The cultural elements of the 5 designs represent areas of focus for the CDPP:

  • Safe and Just Society
  • Growing Partnerships
  • Value and Develop Knowledge
  • One Community
  • National Footprint

More information about each of these cultural elements is available in the CDPP cultural elements fact sheet.

The cultural element featured on the footer of this website represents one of our key pillars of focus – Safe and Just Society.

Safe and Just Society cultural element

This element represents people and communities working together to shape a stronger, better society for all Australians.

The U shapes in the middle represent people and the wider CDPP community sitting around a meeting place, working together towards the goal of making our society better and safer.

The groups of shapes within the large circle represent the land of Australia and the spiritual connections people have with it across the nation.

The small lines around the outside represent protection and a sense of safety as a society.

The multiple dots around the outside of the element represent the people positively impacted by Australia being safer and stronger.

For more information on Diversity and Inclusion at the CDPP, please visit the Diversity and Inclusion page.