The CDPP frequently engages counsel to support the litigation work conducted by the Office.

The CDPP’s engagement with counsel remains critical to the delivery of an effective and independent prosecution service to the Australian community. 

Across its national practice, the CDPP greatly values its ongoing professional relationship with the various Bars and looks forward to working closely with counsel in the future.

The work of the CDPP is diverse, complex and interesting, including prosecuting offences in the following areas: 

  • drug importations;
  • online child sexual exploitation;
  • terrorism;
  • espionage;
  • money laundering;
  • human trafficking, slavery and slavery like practices;
  • fraud (including tax fraud, welfare fraud and medifraud);
  • corporation, including cartel offences; and
  • regulatory offences.

Counsel Coordination team

The CDPP has established a dedicated Counsel Coordination team. 

Counsel are welcome to contact the team via email at in relation to non-matter specific aspects of their engagement with the office. 

Counsel List

The CDPP maintains a Counsel List. 

The Counsel List comprises both junior and senior counsel and provides the CDPP’s legal practice with a register of counsel available to be briefed for CDPP work. 

The List is actively managed by the Counsel Coordination team and updated (including through the addition and removal of counsel) from time to time. 

Being on the CDPP’s Counsel List does not guarantee receiving briefs from the CDPP. The briefing of appropriate counsel in appropriate matters remains an operational matter for the CDPP’s legal practice. Similarly, there is no guarantee that counsel will remain on the List in the future.

Further information about how to express interest in being on the Counsel List will be published on this page in the coming weeks.

Counsel Fees

Counsel will have a CDPP daily fee rate set on the first occasion they are briefed by the CDPP’s legal practice.

The CDPP conducts a biennial review of existing fees set for individual counsel. The most recent review took place in June 2024. The next review is scheduled to take place in mid-2026.

Counsel fee rates are determined in accordance with the Counsel Fee Range Guide (effective 1 July 2024).