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Enhancing the CDPP’s legal practice


The Director of Public Prosecutions (Cth) Raelene Sharp KC confirmed that on 1 June 2024, Warren Day will join the CDPP on secondment for 6 months, as the Director’s Executive Officer. 

Mr Day will assist the Director to design and implement a program of work to review the practicing model, and other areas of the CDPP, with a view to enhancing and modernising the CDPP’s legal practice.

Ms Sharp said Mr Day brings a mix of public service, legal, enforcement and regulatory experience and skills relevant to the program of work the CDPP is undertaking and will be delivering in the coming years.

“We welcome Mr Day’s invaluable input into the plan to ensure our practice has the support structures we need to continue to deliver a fair and independent prosecution service today and into the future,” Ms Sharp said.