Advise to support

Providing timely advice to help investigators gather evidence needed to prove an offence beyond reasonable doubt is just one of the ways the CDPP supports partner agencies.

This service is an integral part of the brief preparation process. The CDPP rely on a thorough brief of evidence to bring cases before the courts, while investigative agencies rely on the CDPP to bring cases to a close through effective prosecution. 

While our roles are different, we recognise the importance of working together to ensure Commonwealth law is respected and maintained. 

Support for partner agencies includes:

  • pre-brief advice
  • independent legal advice
  • specialist knowledge in the prosecution process
  • brief assessments
  • addressing complex matters.

Pre-brief advice assists agencies in matters that are significant, complex or major, sensitive, or likely to impact on a broader class of cases. 

Brief assessments are an extension of this work. This involves identifying legal issues, relevant public interest considerations and evidentiary deficiencies.

The provision of advice helps us strengthen our investigation-prosecution partnerships to help partner agencies meet their law enforcement objectives, while enabling the CDPP to deliver justice through effective prosecutions. This work combined aims to build public confidence in Commonwealth law enforcement, prosecution and the Australian justice system.

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