Building public confidence in the justice system through education

The CDPP is committed to educating the community about Commonwealth criminal law and the consequences of breaking it. We do this by promoting the outcome of successful prosecutions through case reports and promoting sentences imposed through the media.

Our aim is to:

  • Explain the role and work of the CDPP.
  • Raise awareness of the range and complexity of crime.
  • Publicise consequences of breaking Commonwealth Law.
  • Send a strong message of deterrence.
  • Build public confidence in the justice system.

Central to our education programme is deterrence—crime does not pay. We see first-hand the impact effective sentencing has on an offender and their family—it has a ripple effect that is lasting. By raising the profile of sentences imposed we aim to deter potential offenders, and ensure the laws of the Commonwealth are respected and maintained for the benefit of every Australian.

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