Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

ALERT: Hoax CDPP phone calls

Date of Publication: 
11 April 2017

The Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions is warning members of the community to beware of scam callers claiming to be from the CDPP.

Concerned members of the community have reported scam callers are threatening legal action in relation to tax fraud as a means of coaxing them into handing over personal details or money.

Typically scammers are instructing the community member to purchase a Prepaid Visa Card for a specified amount. Once the transaction is completed the scammer is demanding the Pre-Paid Visa Card number and PIN be provided over the phone and the card be posted to the CDPP—allowing the scammer to access the funds while the card is in the post.

The CDPP is urging members of the public to be vigilant and to protect themselves. Do not provide personal details, credit card or online account details. This warning comes after a recent increase in scam calls reported to the CDPP since March 2016.

If you are concerned about the authenticity of a caller claiming to be from the CDPP or any other organisation, make sure you contact the organisation direct using a phone number gained from an independent source such as the  phone book or an online search. Never use the numbers provided by a scammer. If you have received a call from someone claiming to be from the CDPP, contact us on one of our publically listed phone numbers or email

Importantly, the CDPP encourages all scam calls to be reported. You can report scams to the ACCC via the Scamwatch report a scam page or by calling 1300 795 995.