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CDPP launches new Partner Agency Portal


The CDPP has launched a new Partner Agency Portal, giving investigators from partner agencies easy and timely access to information.

Improvements to the old portal include a single front door for feedback and requests, self service options for password resets, improved navigation and search functions and enhanced security.

“This new site is another example of our continued transformation,” Sabeena Oberoi, Chief Corporate Officer said.

“We are constantly reviewing and improving the way we support our partner agencies to do their important work.

“Moving to a more efficient portal, digital briefings and making the best use of technology are just some of the ways we can continue to work with our partners to contribute to the safety of the Australian community.”

The CDPP will continue its transformation, including by working to improve our online presence. For more information on the Partner Agency Portal or to find out how staff from our partner agencies can access it, email