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COVID-19 update


The last 12 months has tested businesses, including the CDPP, to become more agile to effectively deliver services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 10 locations across Australia, the CDPP, supported by a well-timed ICT rollout, was able to respond to the changing situations as they occurred. Supported by our Enabling Services Group, our legal practice remained informed and able to continue its important work.

Over the past months, the CDPP transitioned staff back to the office as states and territories lifted working remotely requirements. There is no longer an upper limit on the number of staff able to attend any of the CDPP offices. 

While many CDPP staff will have flexible work arrangements in place going forward, the CDPP is aiming for an optimal balance of working from the office and working from home, to ensure services to partner agencies and the community remain efficient and effective.

Should further lock downs occur, the CDPP is well placed to deal with them, as it was during 2020. As part of our continuous transformation, all CDPP lawyers have laptops and phones, enabling them to work remotely and connect securely to CDPP systems.