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New Partner Agency Portal


The CDPP’s Partner Agencies will soon have access to a refreshed, scalable and dynamic, secure website to support their investigative work.

Coming in early 2021 and replacing the old Partner Agency Portal, the new portal will look similar to our partners but will have new functionality, including:

  • Two factor authentication to improve security and protection against cyber-attacks, data breaches and malware. Two-factor authentication is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves – for example a passphrase and a six digit code.
  • A smoother process for password resets making it less reliant on manual input and faster for end users.
  • More visual content including videos of training sessions for users to update and refresh their skills.
  • A single front door for all feedback and requests for support, meaning issues can be triaged more systematically which will improve the user experience.
  • Improved easy access to notifications when documents or pages are added, updated or changed. 
  • The portal will be hosted on the Australian Government’s GovCMS platform and designed in the Digital Technology Agency’s best practice template.

For more information or to gain access if you are in one of the CDPP’s partner agencies, please email