Statutory Functions

The Director of Public Prosecutions Act 1983 (DPP Act) empowers the Director to exercise a range of statutory obligations and powers including to: 

  • discontinue a prosecution¬†

  • take over a prosecution instigated by another person¬†

  • grant an indemnity

  • ex-officio indictments

  • consent to conspiracy proceedings

CDPP statutory function statistics for 2021-2022.

Performance Indicators

Each year the CDPP report against the following performance indicators:

  • Prosecutions resulting in a conviction

  • Defendants in defended summary hearings resulting in conviction

  • Defendants in defended committals resulting in a committal order

  • Defendants tried on indictment and convicted

  • Prosecution sentence appeals in summary prosecutions upheld, and

  • Prosecution sentence appeals in a prosecution on indictment upheld.

CDPP performance indicators for 2021-2022.

Prosecution Statistics

We also report the following statistics:

  • Outcomes of successful prosecutions

  • Summary Prosecutions

  • Committals

  • Prosecutions on indictment

  • Prosecution appeals against sentence

  • Defence appeals

CDPP prosecution statistics for 2021-2022.