Eligibility Requirements

Australian Citizenship

To be eligible for employment you must be an Australian citizen unless the Director waives this requirement.


To be eligible for employment as a lawyer or in another professional capacity you must possess relevant and formal qualifications.

Fit and Proper Person Assessment

Before you are offered employment you are required to pass a security and character check. This will include a Police Records check.

Security Clearance

The CDPP network is classified PROTECTED, therefore any other person (non-SES staff, consultants or contractors) requiring access to the network must obtain and maintain a minimum Baseline security clearance.

All CDPP SES must obtain and maintain at minimum a Level 2 – Negative Vetting security clearance, but on commencement may be cleared to Baseline Vetting.  The upgraded clearance must be obtained within a reasonable period.

Redundancy Benefits

There are arrangements in place in the Australian Public Service (APS) which limit the subsequent employment of APS employees who have received a redundancy benefit from an APS agency or the Australian Parliamentary Service.

Health Clearance

If you are offered ongoing employment you are required to attend a medical examination either before or as soon as practicable after commencement and, in any event, within one month of commencement.


If you are offered ongoing employment you will be subject to a specified period of probation. The purpose of the probationary period is to ascertain whether your attendance, conduct and work performance meets the standards required by the Commonwealth DPP.