All CDPP media releases and selected media statements are published on this website.

Responding to media requests

The CDPP only release public statements/releases on legal matters once a matter has been finalised and a conviction/sentence has been delivered. During active cases progressing through the courts, we take a case by case approach to what we share and how we respond. 

Reporting on cases

Due to the high number of matters finalised each year, the CDPP does not issue public statements on every matter. In close consultation with the CDPP Deputy Directors of each Practice Group, we work collaboratively with the legal teams and select matters to profile on this website. We always look to ensure we have a cross-section of crimes covered – including small and large matters, different crime types, various severity of criminal activity and what would be in the public interest. This allows us to demonstrate the depth and breadth of the work administered by our Office. We profile matters either through a legal case report or media release. We also publish legal case outcomes in our Annual Reports.

Contact Us

The Media Unit operates during business hours Monday to Friday.

For any media enquiries, email or phone 02 6206 5708.