Information Publication Scheme

Information Publication Scheme

Agencies are required to publish information on their website. In accordance with section 11C of the FOI Act, the CDPP publishes a Disclosure Log, which sets out all the FOI requests where the agency has released documents (other than personal or exempt information), on the CDPP website within 10 days of providing the response to the applicant.

Required information under the Act includes:

  • ‘general publication obligations'; and
  • ‘FOI request related publication obligations’.

General Publication Obligations

The CDPP is obliged to publish the following documents in accordance with section 8(2) of the FOI Act:(a) A plan showing what we propose to publish;

(b) Details of the structure of the CDPP;

(c) Details of CDPP’s functions, including its decision making powers and other powers affecting members of the public (or any particular person or entity, or class of persons or entities);

(d) Details of appointments of officers of CDPP that are made under Acts (other than APS employees within the meaning of the Public Service Act 1999);

(e) The information in our annual reports that are laid before the Parliament;

(f) details of arrangements for members of the public to comment on specific policy proposals for which the CDPP is responsible, including how (and to whom) those comments may be made;

(g) The information in documents to which we routinely give access in response to requests under Part III (access to documents);

(h) The information we hold that is routinely provided to the Parliament in response to requests and orders from the Parliament;

(i) Contact details for officers who can be contacted about access to the CDPP’s information or documents under this Act;

  • FOI Coordinator – phone (02) 6206 5666

(j) CDPP’s operational information.