Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions

Feedback and Complaints

Feedback and Complaints

The office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) contributes to a fair, safe and just society by delivering an effective, independent prosecution service in accordance with the Prosecution Policy of the Commonwealth.

In performing this role the CDPP values all feedback and complaints received and uses these learnings to improve its processes and practices.

Making a complaint

Complaints from members of the public, including witnesses, victims, defendants and others may be made to the CDPP in the following ways:


Write to: Assistant Director

              Legal Business Improvement

              GPO Box 3104

              CANBERRA ACT 2601

A complaint may relate to a particular matter such as a decision not to proceed with a prosecution, a sentence handed down or a decision not to appeal.  It may also relate to the conduct of CDPP staff or members of the Bar briefed by the CDPP in a particular case.

So that we can respond quickly and effectively to your complaint we ask that you provide as much specific detail about the matter as you can, including:

  • details of the decision/case/issue/incident, including a CDPP file number (if known)
  • details of what the complaint is about
  • details of who was involved
  • details of the outcome or action you are seeking to resolve your complaint.

All complaints received will be considered:

  • confidentially
  • quickly
  • impartially
  • as informally as possible.

For more information refer to the CDPP National Legal Direction on Feedback and Complaints.

Providing feedback

Feedback can also be provided to the CDPP in the ways outlined above.  Such feedback can be positive and relate to the way a CDPP staff member, a barrister briefed by the CDPP or the CDPP as a whole has dealt with a matter or it may highlight procedural or related issues encountered by the person providing feedback from which the CDPP can learn.