File List for January to June 2007

File NumberFile Title
HA07100002MOPED Meeting : Australia : 2007
HA07100003Australian Taxation Office (ATO); Reparation Order Practice Note; correct payee for ATO reparation orders
HA07100006The Department of Family, Community Services and indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA); general liaison
HA07100007Bankruptcy Trustees – Checks for POC Orders – 2007
HA07100025Criminal Code Suicide Related Material Offences – offence guide and commentary
HA07100030AUSTRAC Advice – FTRA & Criminal Code
HA07100057IP Enforcement Strategy : 2006 : Resource Implications
HA07100065Freedom of Information (FOI) – General – 2007
HA07100070National Crime Authority Act 1984: Australian Crime Commission Act; removal of defence of reasonable excuse; derivative-use immunity; contempt; incr penalties; witnesses before ACC; examinations; ACC
HA07100071Centrelink – Release of information to the NSW Law Society
HA07100076S319 Stay of Proceedings: POCA 2002
HA07100083Medicare Australia: secrecy provision: s130 of the Health Insurance Act
HA07100084Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – Liaison and General – 2007
HA07100085Centrelink – liaison and general – 2007
HA07100086Privacy – general – 2007
HA07100087Administrative Review Council (ARC) – Comment on Draft Report into Government Agency Coercive Information-Gathering Powers
HA07100119Allegation Letters for use by DEWR Investigation Branch to Invite People Suspected of Fraud to an Interview
HA07100120General; Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979; s6; Policy on Use of Recording Equipment for Video Links Externally and Internally
HA07100121General; Jurats for each Jurisdiction in Australia- Updated Jan 2007
HA07100122General; Social Security (Administration) Act 1999; s207; Subpoena Policy for Centrelink Manual
HA07100123People Trafficking – 2007 – General – Meetings & Related Correspondence
HA07100125Medicare Australia: POC Liaison & Issues.
HA07100127Question On Notice 4437; Fuel purchases for Commonwealth Cars.
HA07100129Trafficking in Persons; Sexual Servitude Slavery – PART 1.
HA07100132Australian High Tech Crime Centre (AHTCC) – general and liaison – 2007
HA07100156Senate Estimates Hearings; Legal & Constitutional Legislation Committee; Transcripts – 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
HA07100167Copyright & Trademarks – 2007 – General – Meetings & Related Correspondence; IPECG Meetings.
HA07100171Senate QoN; 2638 and 2648; Cost Recovery & Staffing at 30 Sept 2006; Question upon notice; Senate Ellison; 9 November 2006.
HA07100172Centrelink – CDPP Liaison Meetings 2007 – Minutes and related correspondence
HA07100183The Department of Family and Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA); Child care provider fraud; Senate Estimates briefings
HA07100184Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 – accessing stored communications under an interception warrant
HA07100185Possible industry defence to Serious Drug Offences in the Criminal Code
HA07100190Questions on Notice following Senate Estimates; 13 February 2007.
HA07100193Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Bill 2007
HA07100199MCLOC Future Work Program; Model Criminal Law Officer’s Committee: members; information
HA07100210Child Support Agency (CSA); General Liaison 2007
HA07100221Department of the Environment and Water Resources (DEW) – 2007 Legislation – Amendments to EPBC Act and other legislation issues
HA07100222Copyright & Trademarks – 2007 – IPECG Meetings and related correspondence
HA07100223Money Laundering Conference 2007
HA07100224Section 31 of the Financial Transaction Reports Act – amendment to the definition of non reportable cash transaction” by AML CTF (Transitional and Consequential) Act 2006″
HA07100225Mediation in criminal proceedings
HA07100230NOPSA conference and training 2007
HA07100240Review/Inquiry; Parliamentary – Other; Future Impact of Serious and Organised Crime on Australian Society; Committee on the Australian Crime Commission
HA07100243Australian Taxation Office (ATO); wording of charges; which entity has suffered the loss or been defrauded?
HA07100248Offence Guide and Commentary – Updates 2007
HA07100261Department of the Environment and Water Resources (DEW) – search warrant manual – changes to reflect amendments to EPBC Act – 2007
HA07100263CURRENT Terrorism Prosecutions Schedule – Part 2
HA07100265On line child sexual exploitation offences and undercover operatives operating in an international environment: defences and foreign jurisdictions
HA07100266On line child sexual exploitation of children: National corrdination
HA07100268Centrelink Liaison File
HA07100270DEWR System Statement
HA07100272DEWR Liaison File
HA07100273Attorney-General’s Department : AGD: Liaison Meetings with DPP : 2007
HA07100285The Cth DPP & The Law & Anti Corruption Strategy in the Pacific
HA07100307Question on Notice 4838; House of Representatives; 30/10/06; Instruments signed by A-G under Crimes (Foreign Incursions and Recruitment) Act 1978.
HA07100308Review of ACT Policings Watchouse Operations; AFP policies; procedures and protocols relating to persons in custody.
HA07100336Forfeiture provision for serious drug offences
HA07100338ACCC : Payment of legal expenses including Counsel’s fees
HA07100341Australian Federal Police (AFP); Request for advice; Relationship between arrest and protected suspect; Part 1C Crimes Act 1914
HA07100343International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law; membership.
HA07100344Criminal Law and other measures amendemnt bill 2007
HA07100345AMLAT LIAISON: Pacific Legal Knowledge Program
HA07100349AGD AMLAT; Anti-Money Laundering Asistance Team CDPP involvement; Attorney-General.
HA07100354Disclosure of information by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to the Child Support Agency (CSA); section 16 Income Tax Assessment Act 1936
HA07100355General; Evidence Amendment Bill 2006; Uniform evidence legislation amendments; AGD
HA07100356Proposed Amendments to Health Insurance Act : enforceability of prosecution provisions: consultation by AGD on Dept of Health legislation
HA07100357Department of the Environment, Heritage & Water Resources (Environment) – AELERT Conference 26 – 28 November 2007 – Adelaide
HA07100361INTERPRETATION OF S213 POCA 2002: Use of material in criminal investigations & prosecutions
HA07100362National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry – e-CODE data entry
HA07100384FEDERAL COURT AMENDMENT (Criminal Jurisdiction) BILL 2006 – Part 3
HA07100385SUBSISTENCE UNDERTAKINGS : Master File – Part 3
HA07100386QUESTIONS ON NOTICE 132 & 5728 : Counter Terrorism – Part 1
HA07100404Other; Directions and warnings to a jury in a criminal trial; NSW Lrc; jury directions; AGD
HA07100405Medicare Australia: treatment of hard drives in the execution of warrants
HA07100406Medicare Australia: Certificates under section 155A of the Evidence Act
HA07100407Australian Law Reform Advisory Committee: Legal Professional Privilege
HA07100410On-line child sexual exploitation – meaning of abuse material vs pornographic material – guidelines for the provisions of briefs from the AFP and ACS.
HA07100435People Trafficking: research projects: Monash University and the Australian Institute of Criminology
HA07100440People Trafficking: Roundtable 2007
HA07100447MUTUAL ASSISTANCE IN CRIMINAL MATTERS ACT 1987 : Legislative Review – Part 2
HA07100448ALMAT (Anti Money Laundering Assistance Team); workshop in Somoa; April 2007.
HA07100450New South Wales Law Reform Commission; Jury Act 1977; Review of jury exemption provisions in NSW
HA07100455POC EXAMINATIONS: Tender for Court Recording & Transcription Services
HA07100457AAT POC Examinations Practice & Procedure Guidelines
HA07100477General; ACMA LIAISON 2007
HA07100479General; ATO Liaison – General – 2007
HA07100480General; Dept of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Liaison 2007
HA07100482CASA 2007
HA07100483Department of Veterans Affairs 2007
HA07100487ROU with AusAid for Pacific Governance Support Program
HA07100492OFFENCES against s139U(1) of the Bankruptcy Act
HA07100507NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION ACT (NSI) : Legislative Reform – Part 2
HA07100508Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – Census 2006 – s14(1) Census and Statistics Act 1905 – charging practices across regions
HA07100510CICT BRANCH : International Assistance by DPP Officers – Part 1
HA07100524DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE: Reports on Open Matters: Monthly
HA07100547Agreement on consular relations: Australia and China: Vietnam: DFAT; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
HA07100548Australian Taxation Office (ATO); Project regarding Data Consistency between the ATO and DPP
HA07100554Third World Summit of Attorney-General’s, Prosecutors General and Chief Prosecutors; Bucharest in 2008.
HA07100561Identity Crime; Model Criminal Law Officers Committee; 20 April 2007; Discussion Paper.
HA07100562Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC); Criminal trial delays in Australia; trial listing outcomes; Crime Facts Info Sheets; botnets info sheets.
HA0710056610% Recovery Fee imposed by Centrelink for some classifications of debt
HA07100568Victims of Crime: the Victims and Witnesses of Crime Court Support (VWCCS)
HA07100576ASIC CO-OPERATION GUIDE : Comments by the DPP – Part 1
HA07100607On-line Child Sexual Exploitation – practice of prosecuting including the classification of images by the AFP
HA07100608Criminal Code Import/Export offences; geographical jurisdiction
HA07100618Senate Estimates & Questions on Notice – POCA 2002 (2007)
HA07100633Copyright Amendment Act 2006 (Cth): Breakdowns and Copyright Prosecution Policy
HA07100634DFAT: Visa & Bail Advice (UK)
HA07100639POSSIBLE use by BFI of the Inspector-General’s full and free access power in s77A of the Bankruptcy Act – Part 1
HA07100654Australian Customs Service (ACS)/CDPP Liaison 2007
HA07100662Senate Estimates Hearings; May 2007; papers.
HA07100663Questions on Notice following Senate Estimates; 24 May 2007.
HA07100669OFFENCES against s1309(2) of the Corporations Act 2001 – Part 1
HA07100670General; Forensic Procedures; Part 1D Crimes Act 1914; general issues
HA07100700ATO : Disclosure and Document Control Systems
HA07100703Application of the Bail Act in the Northern Territory to on-line child sexual exploitation cases – reversal of the presumption in favour of granting bail in some cases.
HA07100707National Health and Medical Research Council; Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002; Monitoring warrant powers
HA07100716COMMERCIAL PROSECUTIONS : Statistics – Part 1
HA07100723Chief Justice WA; Criminal Trials Arrangements
HA07100727Government Response to the Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills – Entry, search and seizure provisions 12/2006
HA07100736INSIDER TRADING : Position and Consultation Paper : Comment – Part 1
HA07100747AUSTRALASIAN MEDICAL INSURANCE LTD : Release of APRA Inspector’s Report – Part 1
HA07100757POCA 2002: correspondence and liaison with NSW Crime Commission 2007
HA07100765Access Card legislation – possible offences and debt recovery provisions
HA07100768Training – AFP Recruits (from State and Territory Police Forces) – Canberra 4 July 2007
HA07100788POCA: Civil Confiscation Limitation Period: Liaison
HA07100789HOCOLEA: ATO Paper on Interaction Between Tax Assessments & POC Orders: Consideration by CALG
HA07100791Media Inquiries : January 2007 –
HA07100797Indictable Matters Heard Summarily – Which Jurisdiction to Prosecute – s68 of the Judiciary Act
HA07100802Commonwealth Ombudsman Survey – 2007.
HA07100809Proposed changes to criminal procedure in SA – Criminal Justice Ministerial Taskforce
HA07100816Model solicitors rules – rules for prosecutors – consideration in Queensland
HA07100818Migration Amendment (Employer Sanctions) Act 2007, insertion of new offences into the Migration Act 1958
HA07100821NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION ACT (NSI) : Legislative Reform – Part 3
HA07100822Law and Justice Legislation Amendment (Serious Drug Offences and Other Measures) Bill 2005; Relocation of Commonwealth natcotics offences in the Criminal Code – Part 18.
HA07100826COURT ATTENDANCE NOTICES : Issue, Service & Filing with respect to Indictable, Summary & NSW State Offences – Part 1
HA07100830Witnesses in Commonwealth criminal matters – non-publication orders and witness protection measures
HA07100857CADS – letter to SCAG – uniformity in legislation
HA07100858Penalty Units – NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TAS, NT, ACT.
HA07100860Drug Court; Queensland (Qld); and the Drug Rehabilitation (Court Diversion) Act 2000.
HA07100861Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Crimes (Sentencing) Act 2005; request advice from AGS.
HA07100893On line child sexual abuse conference – August 2007
HA07100894AGD – ministerial – questions concerning jury nullification
HA07100896AFP – Proposed National Money Laundering training
HA07100897District Court of NSW – review and update of Strategic Plan
HA07100903SECTION 77C of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 – Part 2
HA07100904SECTION 77C of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 – Part 3
HA07100913Draft Report by Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC); Tax Offenders on Trial – Serious Taxation Fraud Prosecutions in Australia 2000 – 2005; Request for CDPP
HA07100925Interation Between POCA 02 & Tax Assessments
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