File List for July to December 2010

File NumberFile Title
HA10100901Constitutional Issues: Registration of foreign orders under Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
HA10100905Freezing Orders
HA10100906Review of the Australian Government Investigation Standards
HA10100917Centrelink Investigative power. Section 192 Social Security (Administration) Act 1999
HA10100919Civil Dispute Resolution Bill
HA10100921DIAC Employer Sanctions Review 2010
HA10100925HOCOLEA – general – 2010
HA10100927Amendments to Transfer of Prisoners Act 1983; AGD liaison; Combating the financing of People Smuggling and Other Measures Bill 2010
HA10100928Guidelines and Directions Manual; GDM; December 2010 update
HA10100929APS Reform
HA10100931Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2010
HA10100934ASIC Criminal Prosecutions: Form of Information or Complaint
HA10100939Organised crime Intelligence model
HA10100940Government response to the Independent Review of the Enviroment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
HA10100953Office of Parliamentary Counsel – Criminal Law drafting
HA10100955Forced and Servile Marriage
HA10100969Review of GD Manual – S3ZL Crimes Act 1914
HA10100972Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 – S251L – Drafting of charges
HA10100992Commercial Prosecutors Conference: Canberra 2010
HA10100993Copyright & Trademarks – Senate Estimates briefs and Quarterly reports
HA10100994Admission of Director in all Australian jurisdictions
HA10100996Incoming Director’s oath of office
HA10100997Copyright & Trademarks – meetings 2010
HA10101001PROSECUTION by ASIC of Minor Regulatory Matters – Part 5
HA10101004August update – Guidelines and Directions Manual (GDM)
HA10101005Delegation to SES Band 1 lawyers to discontinue a prosecution under s9(4) of the DPP Act
HA10101011CYBERCRIME – Govt Response to Standing Committee Report “Hackers, Fraudsters and Botnets: Tackling the Problem of Cyber Crime.”
HA10101024Witness Expenses: Proposed Change to State and Territory Scales of Expenses
HA10101025AFP investigator training review 2010
HA10101037FAHCSIA General Liaison 2010; Families, Housing, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs
HA10101065Organised Crime Steering Group – agenda and papers
HA10101066Advice to ATO on running concurrent civil and criminal proceedings
HA10101076AFP TSETT Investigator Workshop 29 July 2010
HA10101088Stage 2 Moynihan reforms – Qld; Criminal Justice Procedure in Queensland Discussion Paper; Authorisation to prosecute summary matters and committals for State offences;
HA10101219CALG Meeting correspondence from 21 November 2008 to 2010
HA10101250AGD Portfolio Legal Counsel meeting
HA10101259Electronic Subscriptions 2009/2010 (HO Library)
HA10101260DEEWR; Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations; General Liaison 2010
HA10101261Electronic Subscriptions 2010/2011 (HO Library)
HA10101286General – Jury Issues
HA10101287CRIMS Management Team – Australian Customs and Border Protection Service Report
HA10101291Quintet Group on Organised Crime
HA10101293Suggestions regarding reform of CDPP approach to Centrelink prosecutions.
HA10101305Commonwealth Model for Double Jeopardy Law Reform – Crimes Act 1914 (Cth)
HA10101360National CDPP Tax Conference
HA10101364Australian Government crime and law enforcement research agenda; AGD liaison
HA10101380Estimates Memorandum 2007-2008
HA10101382Estimates Memorandum 2008-2009
HA10101384Estimates Memorandum 2009-2010
HA10101385Portfolio Budget Statements 2008-2009
HA10101386Portfolio Budget Statements 2009-2010
HA10101387Portfolio Budget Statements 2010-2011
HA10101389Budget Allocations 2010-2011
HA10101395State and Territory requirements for committal statements
HA10101415Inquiry into Telecommunications Interception and Intelligence Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2010; TI; AGD Liaison
HA10101421Forfeiture of cash in people smuggling cases: National policy
HA10101422COAG Review of Counter Terrorism Legislation : CDPP Participation
HA1010142415th IAP Annual Conference and Asia-Pacific Convention for Cooperation in Criminal Justice
HA10101427Collaboration Opportunities in Regional Engagement : CDPP Participation
HA10101550South Australia – Criminal Law (Sentencing) (Sentencing Considerations) Bill 2010
HA10101554Access to Client Agencies, Secure Site, review 2010
HA10101555Harmonisation of Criminal Appeals Legislation – SCAG
HA10101637PILON Annual Meeting, Brisbane, Australia, 8-10 December 2010
HA10101648Guidelines and Directions Manual; Enquiries, Updates and Amendments 2010-2011
HA10101649Service of briefs of evidence on defence – review of regional practices in AFP matters
HA10101650Advice to Attorney-General’s Department – sentencing range for marketable quantity drug offences (heroin) under Commonwealth law – Australian serving life sentence in Thailand for heroin offence
HA10101651Advice to ATO – CAN, Statement of Facts and maximum penalty for offence against s. 255-110 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953
HA10101656Organised Crime Strategic Framework – Evaluation Model
HA10101660Evidence Amendment (Journalists’ Privilege) Bill 2010; Senator Brandis; Senator Wilkie
HA10101668National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009: Miscellaneous issues
HA10101669CADS – 28 October 2010
HA10101671MUTUAL ASSISTANCE : Training 2010-2011
HA10101673Legal Services Panel Arrangement with AGD – Contractual – Part 2
HA10101686Law and Justice Assistance to the Pacific = AGD Portfolio Agencies Meetings
HA10101704Copyright & Trademarks – general file 2010-2011
HA10101708Implications of the High Court decision in Dickson v R
HA10101722Inquiry into the Australian film and literature classification scheme; STANDING COMMITTEE ON LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL AFFAIRS
HA10101731Costs in Centrelink referred prosecutions
HA10101735Recording additional information in CRIMS about child pornography cases
HA10101741DEEWR Request for Exemption under the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines – 4.19
HA10101744Controlled Operations; authorisations; Crimes Legislation Amendemnt (serious and organised crime) Act 2010; Hooi Hei Ng; Operation Gatton
HA10101747Foreign Bribery: Miscellaneous Matters
HA10101748Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC): Miscellaneous Correspondence
HA10101757Women in Law Enforcement (WILES)
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