File List for July to December 2011

File NumberFile Title
HA11100274ACrimes Legislation Amendment Bill (No 2) 2011
HA11100616Financial Management and Accountability (Finance Minister to Chief Executives) Delegation 2010
HA11100633AGD : Indonesian Asset Forfeiture Drafting Team visit June – July 2011
HA11100642International Parental Child Abduction
HA11100643Supply, Delivery and Installation of VOIP or other Suitable Solution to replace PABX – RFT CDPP 2009-06
HA11100651People Trafficking – Legislative amendments
HA11100652People Smuggling – Sur Place Claims
HA11100657People Smuggling – Preparation of Briefs
HA11100658People Smuggling – Issues relating to Jurisdiction
HA11100659People Smuggling; Age Determination; Dental X-rays
HA11100660People Smuggling; Irregular Maritime Arrival Strategy
HA11100661People Smuggling; Issues relating to Criminal Justice Certificates
HA11100662People Smuggling; Senior Officials Committee
HA11100663People Smuggling – Sri Lanka
HA11100664People Smuggling – Malaysia
HA11100665People Smuggling – Indonesia
HA11100666People Smuggling – Mandatory Minimum Sentences
HA11100667People Smuggling – Organiser Matters
HA11100668People Smuggling – Crew Prosecutions Post Malaysia Announcement
HA11100673Transfer of File and Cost function – correspondence from Referring Agencies
HA11100679National Finance – Drawing Rights – All as at JULY 2011
HA11100680Presentation of File List to Senate (Part 17)
HA11100686Audit Committee Meeting; Canberra; Wednesday, 19 July 2011
HA11100687COMSEC Account – Biannual Stocktake of Controlled Cryptographic Items. – CONFIDENTIAL
HA11100688CDPP practice in relation to unreliable witnesses – Guidelines and Directions Manual
HA11100699Tax Practitioners Board – Liaision 2011
HA11100701Commercial Prosecutors Conference: Melbourne 2011
HA11100704National Measurement Institute Liaison
HA11100708People Smuggling – Legal Challenge – Article 31
HA11100711PRIVACY: Statutory Cause of Action for a Serious Invasion of Privacy
HA11100721LAFIA 2011 : Leading Australia’s Future in Asia : 5-25 June 2011; LAFIA Pacific 2011, 18 September – 2 October 2011 : Australian Public Service Commission (APSC).
HA11100725Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2011 – Returning Officer -(IN CONFIDENCE)
HA11100729Secrecy Law Reform – AGD Options Paper entitled “Cth Secrecy Laws and Open Government in Australia – Options for Reform”; AGD
HA11100731IDENTITY CRIME – Development of ‘identity crime and misuse evidence base’ by AGD
HA11100741Major Labour Costs Survey 2010-2011
HA11100744Cyber White Paper; Review/Inquiry; Parliamentary; PM&C;
HA11100763Centrelink – liaison and general – 2010
HA11100771Tasmanian Director of Public Prosecutions; DPP; Funding Review; Report
HA11100773Attorney-General’s Portfolio Legal Counsel Meeting; 16 August 2011
HA11100774FATF – follow up statistics – 2011
HA11100775IC; Fraud Control Guidelines Annual Survey for Commonwealth Agencies 2010-2011
HA11100777National Telecommunications Conference; 29 April 2010
HA11100784Department of Justice (Vic) – amendment to Serious Sex Offenders (Detentiona dn Supervision) Act 2009
HA11100785Brisbane Mangistrates Court – draft arrangement and practice direction 2011
HA11100786Clean Energy Legislative Package – CDPP submissions
HA11100787Unexplained Wealth Provisions – 2011 Review by Law Enforcement Committee
HA11100789AFP practical guide on offences requireing consent fo the Attorney-General to prosecute – draft – 2011
HA11100791Prosecutor Pairing Program with Malaysia
HA11100792Prosecutor Pairing Program with Indonesia
HA11100794Operation Wickenby : Resource Implications 2011
HA11100800Brief to Advise – Offences against the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 – Des FAGAN SC
HA11100801Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011; Parliamentary; Comment on Bill
HA11100809Review/Inquiry : Attorney General Department : Cornall Report : Cybercrime
HA11100811Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency – Liaison file – 2011
HA11100822Recommendations Register : CT : Prosecutorial Reviews.
HA11100823Review/Inquiry : Other : Standing Council on Law and Justice : DNA Evidence Working Group : AGD
HA11100839Major Office Machines – Konica MFD & Printers under WoAG Arrangement
HA11100847New Policy Initiatives : 2012 – 2013
HA11100848National Finance – Reporting of Consultancies – Advertising & Legal Services for Annual Report 2010-2011
HA11100860General : AEC : failure to vote : requirement “to vote” : s245(15) Commonwealth Electoral Act : A. Holmdahl
HA11100873International Transfer of Prisoners
HA11100877International Visitors 2011-2012
HA11100878ANAO : Indonesian Delegation : Fraud and Corruption Forum 2012
HA11100879Maritime Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
HA11100881Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) : Liaison
HA11100901Internal Audit – Post-implementation Review of Agresso 2011
HA11100902Questions on Notice – HR Matters
HA11100905General : Electronic briefs : Gems, Ringtail, spreedsheets : AFP
HA11100914Federal LPP Procedural Legislation
HA11100915Financial year 2010-2011: Mutual Assistance Report, material, branch meetings, statistics, annual report
HA11100923ACMA – Liaison 2011
HA11100936Senate Estimates : October 2011 (Spring)
HA11100939Australian Citizenship Act 2007 : section 50 Offence Guide
HA11100940HOCOLEA : Commonwealth crime and law enforcement research steering group
HA11100942General : Sentencing Amendment (Community Corrections) Reform Bill 2011 (Vic) : new community corrections orders
HA11100945People Trafficking : Operational Working Group 2011
HA11100946People Trafficking : Inter Departmental Committee 2011
HA11100947People Trafficking : Briefing 2011
HA11100948Extension of AGD Panel Arrangement – Financial Services Component ot RFT 06/16740 for Financial taxation, FBT & Internal Audit Services
HA11100954CDPP Audit Committee Meeting : 28 September 2011
HA11100958RBAnet Redevelopement 2011-2012
HA11100964Check-up 2.0 – Assessment and Submission
HA11100969s1041F of the Corporations Act 2001
HA11100970People Smuggling : Legal Challenges : Legislative Amendments
HA11100981Serious Cartel Offences: CDPP Involvement in ACCC Training
HA11100993National Security Classifications
HA11100998Director’s Speech – Prosecuting Human Trafficking in Australia
HA11101007Crimes Legislation Amendment (Powers and Offences) Bill (No 1) 2011
HA11101009Sri Lanka- War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Allegations – ICJ Australia : Confidential
HA11101016Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce – EOI and Recruitment of CAB staff.
HA11101017Kokoda Foundation : Closed Colloquium : 11-12 November 2011
HA11101041Deputy Directors Conference : Adelaide : 2 and 3 November 2011
HA11101051General : Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and Policy Forum
HA11101052General : Authorisation under s9(1) DPP Act – addition of s6(2F)
HA11101059Comcover Renewal Questionnaire for 2012-2013
HA11101061Overseas Conference/Workshop : India : CT : Fourth Regional Workshop 2012
HA11101062Overseas Conference/Workshop : Malaysia : CT : Video link evidence : 2011
HA11101063ASIC: Liaison: Ringtail
HA11101065Performance Assessment for the purposes of Clause 7 of the proposed CDPP Enterprise Agreement 2011-2012
HA11101071Law Enforcement Agencies Working Group on Carbon Pricing Mechanisms
HA11101074WoAG Panel Arrangement – Stationery and Office Supplies
HA11101078WoAG Travel Arrangements – Phase 2
HA11101079National Justice Chief Executive Officers (NJCEOs) Meeting : 17 November 2011 : briefing on People Smuggling Maritime.
HA11101082General : Deterring People Smuggling Bill 2011
HA11101091ACC Operational Analysis Report : Shipping Container Re-birthing and Related Fraudulent Activity : Protected : Confidential
HA11101092Child Support Agency (CSA) : General Liaison
HA11101095Sentencing Advisory Council – Request for information on sentencing of Armed Robbery offences
HA11101097Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce – Transfer arrangements
HA11101098Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce – Notice of transfer provisions
HA11101099Criminal Assets Confiscation Taskforce – AFP access to CARS
HA11101123Parliamentary Questions – Finance Related
HA11101128General : Foreign Bribery Offence : faciliation defence : public consulation paper
HA11101137Work Health and Safety Harmonisation 2011-2012
HA11101140Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Bill 2012
HA11101143People Trafficking : Statistics and General 2011/2012
HA11101148General : Social Security Amendment : retrospectivity of amendment :
HA11101153Human Rights Commission inquiry : age determination : submission
HA11101154Human Rights Commission inquiry : age determination : notices
HA11101159UNODC Australian Study Tour : Request for meeting with the CDPP
HA11101161CFT Study Tour for Indonesian Drafters : Involvement of CDPP
HA11101171People Trafficking Matters
HA11101178Australian Human Rights Commission Age Inquiry
HA11101194People Trafficking – UN Special Raporteur 2011
HA11101204Guideleines and Directions Manual: Enquiries, Updates and Amendments 2011-2012
HA11101205Australian Government Cleaning services Contracts
HA11101213Child Support Agency (CSA) – whether payers of child support who do contracting work are required to notify CSA pursuant to s. 111(1) fo the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988
HA11101214Child Support Agency (CSA) – possible impact of Poniatowska’s case on s. 135.2 prosecutions
HA11101219Building Regional Prosecution Capacity : Involvement of CDPP
HA11101232CDPP Brief to Attorney-General Roxon : December 2011
HA11101240Estimates for CDPP staff and expenses allocated ot GST matters for the period 1 December 2010 to 30 November 2011
HA11101247Plea Negotiations by ASIC : CDPP Approach
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