File List for July to December 2012

File NumberFile Title
HA12100599Prior convictions, cautions & tendency evidence in people smuggling prosecutions
HA12100600People Smuggling – disclosure of Documents – Expert Statement
HA12100617Anit-corruption Law Enforcement Delegation meeting (June 2012): Chinese Ministry of Supervision
HA12100629Transfer of Proceeds of Crime function to the AFP : 2012
HA12100667Visit by Chinese Delegation : Proposal for Bilateral Cooperation
HA12100699Draft Commonwealth Language Services Guidelines – DIAC
HA12100722AFP : Commonwealth School of Investigations : AFP Training
HA12100723Witness Expenses, Review of Guidelines and Directions Manual
HA12100728Age determination in people smuggling prosecutions – policy options – AGD
HA12100730Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slavery-Like Conditions and People Trafficking) Bill 2012
HA12100735Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) : Inquiry into the integrity of overseas Commonwealth law enforcement operations
HA12100736International Association of Prosecutors IAP Conference : Thailand Oct-Nov 2012
HA12100740People Trafficking – Fourth IDC Annual Report 2011-2012
HA12100760Review of the referral guidelines for the witness assistance officers (WAS)
HA12100776POCA National Practice for Conviction Based POCA Action
HA12100808Review of the Guidelines and Directions Manual 2012
HA12100836Employee Wellbeing Review 2012
HA12100841UN Special Rapporteur on children issues – request for information on child sex tourism
HA12100852Joint standing committee on Foreign affairs – inquiry into slavery, slavery like conditions and people trafficking
HA12100856Child Sex Tourism Cases Volume 1 (A-M)
HA12100857Child Sex Tourism Cases Volume 2 (N-Z)
HA12100858Online Child Exploitation (OCSET) briefs, working papers 2011
HA12100859UK Sexual Offences Act 2003 guidelines
HA12100871Proposed amendment to Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 – environment damage offence
HA12100902Review of the case management provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 (NSW)
HA12100923Senate Inquiry into the Detention of Indonesian Minors in Australia – CDPP papers, references and responses : People Smuggling
HA12100928New South Wales Crime Commission, Prosecution Disclosure Obligations
HA12100944HOCOLEA – DNA Working Group
HA12100945Child Exploitation material briefs – descriptive statements
HA12100955Parliamentary Inquiry into Overseas Commonwealth Enforcement Operations : CDPP Submission and accompanying papers
HA12100956Disclosure in Age Determination Matters : Materials briefed to Counsel – post Australian Human Rights Commission hearing into Age Assessment in People Smuggling 19-20 April 2012
HA12100957Senate Inquiry into the Detention of Indonesian minors in Australia (people smuggling) : CDPP Submission with Attachments : A-B
HA12100984Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)
HA12101004CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY –  Advice on deductions by employer not passed on to CSA and options for prosecution
HA12101011Meeting with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women & children – CANBERRA 22 Nov 2011
HA12101029Section 474.4 of the Code – meaning of device – spousebusters matter – Sydney
HA12101035AFP/CDPP MOU – further draft 2012
HA12101057Association of Commonwealth Criminal Lawyers
HA12101064CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Main File
HA12101065CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – South Australia
HA12101066CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Western Australia
HA12101067CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Northern Territory
HA12101068CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Queensland
HA12101069CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – New South Wales
HA12101070CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Victoria
HA12101071CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Tasmania
HA12101072CDPP Cases Raising Constitutional Law Issues – Australian Capital Territory
HA12101085Crimes (Ships and Fixed Platforms) Act 1992 : Research for Offence Guide and Commentary
HA12101094Meeting with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights’ – roundtable on trafficking in persons, especially women and children
HA12101097Victims of Crime Liaison Group – Meeting minutes
HA12101106HOCOLEA 54 : 3 April 2012
HA12101121DHS (Centrelink) – centralised correspondence system
HA12101129Support for Trafficked People Program: Policy and Procedures Manual
HA12101131Anti-People Trafficking Operational Working Group
HA12101135Child Exploitation Focus Group
HA12101138HOCOLEA 55  25 October 2012
HA12101155DHS (Centrelink) – admissability of Bank Statements – banker’s affidavidit – s. 1305 Corporations Act
HA12101158Crimes at Sea Act 2000 – Inquiry into the Arrangement Surrounding Crimes Committed at Sea – House Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs
HA12101165Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
HA12101167National tax/fraud focus group
HA12101169DHS (Centrelink) – Centrelink Focus Group
HA12101176Copyright Prosecutions Outline Update 2012
HA12101177DHS CDPP national conference – 12 and 13 December 2012
HA12101178Publication – Intellectual Property – Copyright – Licencing PSI
HA12101188CYBERCRIME WORKING GROUP – National Co-ordination
HA12101197Victim Impact Statements
HA12101198Victims – Recording in CRIMS
HA12101203Proposed pilot project Victoria – AFP issuing summons pre referral of brief
HA12101208Offence Guide – Part 12 – Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006
HA12101213Foreign Bribery: AFP, ANU Seminar on Foreign Bribery – Nov 2012
HA12101234Estimates for CDPP staff and expenses allocated to GST matters for the period 1 December 2011 to 30 Novemeber 2012
HA12101253Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
HA12101270National Finance : SG Fleet – Fleet Management and Leasing Services
HA12101274DPP Robert James Bromwich SC Delegations and Authorisations
HA12101292Parliamentary – Legal and Consitutional Affairs : General Liaison File – Standing Committee on Legal and Consitutional Affairs
HA12101293Joint Trial Arrangements – Appointment of new Director
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