File List for July to December 2007

File NameFile Title
HA07100935External review of AFP undercover services program.
HA07100949Guidelines for Dealings between Cth Investigators and the CDPP – Consultation
HA07100983Request by OECD for an Australian prosecutor to a meeting in Rome on 20 November 2007
HA07100990Measures to Protect Indigenous Children : Resource Implications : 2007
HA07100992Legal Profession (Solicitors) Rule 2007; Duties of prosecutors: regulation by Queensland Law Society; prosecution policy: disclosure statement.
HA07100993FACSIA – national emergency in Indigenous communities in NT, alcohol & pornography restrictions
HA07100994Director of Military Prosecutions: minor matters where DMP has no jurisdiction: appropriate actions
HA07100997Advice to the AFP – Influencing a Commonwealth Official
HA07100999NT Emergency Indigenous Measures: CDPP Costing
HA07101013Protecting Australian Families On-line Initiative : Resource Requirements : 2007
HA07101015Case Note: MG V R [2007] NSWCCA 57
HA07101034Prosecution Policy Review : 2002 (Part 3)
HA07101039Dead Beneficiary cases – Summary of DPP Opinions and Brief to Counsel
HA07101075Reserve jurors in NSW – possible legislative reform – Jury Act 1977 (NSW)
HA07101076UN Committee Against Torture – Australia’s appearance before the Committee Nov 6-7 – responses to questions asked by AGD who are coordinating the response
HA07101080Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) Liaision 2006
HA07101081Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) Liaision 2007
HA07101112UN Convention against corruption – best practice in the fight against corruption
HA07101115Review/Inquiry; Reviewof the Periodic Detention Scheme in NSW by the NSW Sentencing Council
HA07101137MEDIA & PUBLIC ENQUIRIES : Counter Terrorism – Part 1
HA07101156General; ATO Liaison – General – 2007; Part 2
HA071011642005/2006 – Statutory Functions – Appeals Against Sentence – Indictable; Appeals Against Sentence – Summary
HA071011652005/2006 – Statutory Function – Conspiracy Consents; Ex Officio
HA071011662005/2006 – Statutory Functions – Indemnities; Take Over and Discontinue
HA071011672005/2006 – Statutory Functions – No Bills
HA07101174Customs Prosecutions
HA07101181General; Letter from NSW DPP – suggested amendments to the Criminal Appeal Act 1912 (NSW) and Criminal Appeal Rules
HA07101207Comment on Bill; Model Spent Convictions Bill 2007; Attorney-General’s Department
HA07101210Single System Statement – Centrelink
HA07101220FEDERAL COURT AMENDMENT (Criminal Jurisdiction) BILL 2006 – Part 4
HA07101224Notice of dispute – Changes to compensation coverage
HA07101241Enhancing Policing’s Domestic Counter Terrorism Capabilities and Capacity : NPP : Resource Implications : 2007
HA07101251On-Line Child Sexual Exploitation – general – 2007
HA07101259Media Inquiries : September 2007 –
HA07101263AUSTRAC : Request for Information re Counter Terrorism Offences – Part 1
HA07101275Child Sexual Exploitation Offences : Training
HA07101285Online Child Explotation Working File
HA07101293NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION ACT 2004 : Procedures for Court Proceedings – Part 8
HA07101344Request for Personal Information from NSW Department of Education
HA07101346Discussion with AFP – money laundering and proceeds of crime – AFP possible proposals for reform
HA07101353AFMA – Memorandum of Understanding Negotiations
HA07101357Norfolk Island – Appearance in Commonwealth matters
HA07101359Review/Inquiry; Attorney-General’s Department; National Indigeonous Law and Justice Strategy
HA07101381Comment on Bill; Parliamentary – Legal and Constitutional Affairs; Crimes Legislation Amendment (Child Sex Tourism Offences and Related Measures ) Bill 2007
HA071013822006/2007 – Statutory Functions – No Bills
HA071013832006/2007 – Statutory Functions – Conspiracy Consents; Ex Officio; Indemnities
HA07101397Form of orders under s8G of the Taxation Administration Act 1953
HA07101398Cyber crime – Part 10.7 Criminal Code – National Liaison Network and Cyber Crime Manual
HA07101401ASIO Technical Notes
HA07101417Correspondence with the Attorney-General’s Department – Part 1
HA07101425VISITS by International Prosecutors : CICT – Part 2
HA07101477Ulterior Intents in the Code – request to AGD for definition
HA07101508Training in dealing with child witnesses and victims
HA07101581General; Policy Liaison with AGD – Criminal Law Branch
HA07101582Disclosure – information from disclipinary bodies – AFP Professional Stardards, ACLEI
HA07101583Serious Crime Act 2007 (UK) – Serious Crime Prevention Orders
HA07101585Centrelink – effect of bankruptcy on reparation orders Crimes Act section 21B
HA07101596Telecommunication Offences; Possible amendment to Division 474 of the Criminal Code 1995; Sending offensive material to a child via a carriage service
HA07101597International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law – giving reasons for decisions – paper by DPP (Ireland)
HA07101598Liaison: Tax Agent Integrity Unit, ATO
HA07101604Statutory Functions: guidelines on how to carry out statutory functions
HA07101607DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY : Implications for DPP – Part 1
HA07101607ADEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY : Implications for DPP – Part 2
HA07101636Consents to prosecute – consent of the Attorney General – AGD protocol document
HA07101638APG Typologies paper – Australian jurisidiction report – Bangkok meeting 2007
HA07101640Review/Inquiry; Attorney General Department; Harmonisation of Statutory Declarations
HA07101685Centrelink: analysis of errors in briefs
HA07101689AML CTF Act 2006, Pt 12 Offence Breakdowns – Advice to AFP
HA07101692Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (Cth) – correspondence
HA07101698International Policing Toward 2020 Conference; AFP; 19-21 November; Canberra.
HA07101699Security in Government Conference 2007; SES Breakfast; AGD; 27 November 2007; Australian War Memorial; Canberra.
HA07101740General; Draft amendments to Guide to Framing Commonwealth Offences, Civil Penalties and Enforcement Powers
HA07101750Commonwealth Counter-Terrorism legislation working group
HA07101789Administration: Copying of Television and Radio Transmissions for the Services of the Commonwealth – Survey Part 2
HA07101799Judicial Commission of NSW – Treads in the use of full-time imprisonment
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