File List for July to December 2008

File NumberFile Title
HA08101008Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit : Inquiry into the effect of the efficiency dividend on small agencies : 2008
HA08101012Family Law Council – correspondence
HA08101015ACC publication, Organised Crime in Australia
HA08101030Managing Officers, Prosecutors, Executive and Directors DPP : MOPED : 2008 Meeting, London
HA08101038Online Child Exploitation: Joint AFP/CDPP Workshop – Canberra – 5 & 6 August 2008
HA08101055Parliamentary Joint Committee on the Australian Crime Commission: inquiry into legislative arrangements to outlaw serious and organised crime.
HA08101056Sentencing: Community Work Orders in the Northern Territory
HA08101060ASIC Market Matters : Liaison with ASIC – Part 2
HA08101061International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities
HA08101072Geographical Jurisdiction of the offences contained in the Navigation Act 1912
HA08101090AIC CRIME REDUCTIONS MATTERS : Counter Terrorism Policing & Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities : No 68: The Challenges : No 69 : A Community Policing Framework – Part 1
HA08101091APGML Mutual Evaluation Training, Singapore, 11-15 August 2008
HA08101101MUTUAL ASSISTANCE IN CRIMINAL MATTERS ACT 1987: Legislative Review – Part 3
HA08101115NSW Crime Commission
HA08101120Criminal Disclosure Act 2008 – New Zealand provisions
HA08101718Advice to ATO – smuggling charges and GST
HA08101719Advice to ATO – ATO investigations and assessment challenges
HA08101725Overpayment Calculations in Centrelink Matters – Dual Payments and Multiple Entitlement Provisions
HA08101726ITSA : Bankruptcy Act : Prosecution of Section 139U(1) Offences – Part 1
HA08101734General Commonwealth forfeiture provision
HA08101738Financial Framework Legislation Amendment Act 2008
HA08101748Articles for Publication; CDPP disclaimer.
HA08101759Victims and Witnesses – Guidelines for Handling Victims’ Personal Information
HA08101767ECONOMIC BENEFIT OF MARKET INTEGRITY : ********************
HA08101777Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering – *** application for membership.
HA08101778Legal Services Directions; new obligations on FMA agencies seeking constitutional advice.
HA08101779General; GDM; release of counsel’s advice to agencies,.
HA08101791Review/Inquiry; Attorney General Department; War Crimes Prosecutions; statisitics and issues
HA08101792Use of Law Part Codes – correspondence with Judicial Commission of NSW
HA08101793Keywords project – CAB Cases
HA08101794BANKRUPTCY WORKSHOP : 2009 – Part 1
HA08101798CDPP access to JIRS
HA08101800Crown Appeals Against Sentence 2007-2008
HA08101136ASIC ACT SECTION 49(3) : Power to Compulsorily Obtain Witness Statements – Part 1
HA08101144INSOLVENT TRADING : Section 588G of the Corporations Act 2001 – Part 1
HA08101159Australian Taxation Office – Comments on Draft Self Management Superannuation Funds Ruling
HA08101160Freedom of Information Statistics: 1 July 2008 – 30 June 2009
HA08101164People Trafficking: Meeting of the National Roundtable on people trafficking Working Group to Develop Guildlines for NGOs working with Trafficked Persons
HA08101170TPA FORUM : Canberra 28 & 29 July 2008 – Part 1
HA08101176ATO Prosecution Guidelines – CDPP Feedback
HA08101177ATO General Liaison – 2008
HA08101178Precedent for a warrant under section 23WV Crimes Act 1914
HA08101194Disclosure – AFP and DPP arrangements – consideration of issues
HA08101207Centrelink – proof of identity (POI) documents
HA08101212Optional Protocol to Convention Against Torture – Request for submissions from Commonwealth Agencies
HA08101213APG Mutual Evaluation of Bangladesh – invitation to ******** as CDPP legal expert
HA08101222Fraud Control Reporting 2007-08
HA08101227Presentation of File List to Senate (part 13)
HA08101229Federal Criminal Law Conference
HA08101234Review of Civil and Criminal Justice System – Qld – 2008
HA08101843NSW Sentencing Council Report: “Penalties Relating to Sexual Assault Offences in New South Wales”; Child Pornography Working Party.
HA08101845REVISION of the ACCC’s Leniency Policy – Part 4
HA08101846ACCC/DPP : Memorandum of Understanding – Part 2
HA08101848HOCOLEA: Organised Crime Working Group and Strategic Priorities Working Group – POC Issues
HA08101877Advice on Legislation; Crimes Act 1900 (ACT); Section 12; ACT Department of Justice and Safety
HA08101274Telecommunications Interception and Access Act – Proposal to amend defintion of serious offence
HA08101281People Trafficking: Review of the people trafficking Visa Framework
HA08101285Reform of section 3LA of the Crimes Act 1914;access to computer
HA08101289Support for Victims of Crime; Commonwealth Victims Compensation Scheme; Funding bid for Witness Assistance Officers
HA08101294Proposed amendments to the Evidence Act – journalist privilege – 2008
HA08101325Child Care Provider Fraud Conference, Sydney, 2008
HA08101327FOREIGN EVIDENCE ACT 1994 : Proposed Amendments 2008 – Part 1
HA08101335People Trafficking; IDC; Operational Working Group (Office of Women/ DIAC/ AFP/ CDPP)
HA08101338CDPP practice: seeking costs and disbursements in Court
HA08101339Australian Institute of Criminology research project 2008; Labour Trafficking
HA08101340EXTRADITION : AGD/CDPP Working Group – Part 1
HA08101343Aid and Abet – Section 11.2(6) of the Code – request for amendment
HA08101344Intellectual Property Management Policy
HA08101345HOCOLEA 43;
HA08101346HOCOLEA 44;
HA08101347HOCOLEA 45; 7 MAY 2007; CANBERRA
HA08101349HOCOLEA 47; 5 MAY 2008; CANBERRA
HA08101351ALRC – review of secrecy laws
HA08101352National Indigenous Law and Justice Advisory Body – consultation
HA08101359Proposed specific torture offence
HA08101361APG Typologies Workshop on Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 27-29 October 2008
HA08101985COMMENCING Criminal Proceedings under the Trade Practices Act – Part 1
HA08101366Advice to Customs; directions to occupiers at warrant premises.
HA08101371Copyright – artistic works: request for information from AFP (Melbourne)
HA08101373Advice to AFP upon request regarding status of pre-decimal coins.
HA08101378Child Sex Tourism and Online Child Exploitation – CDPP Input to Other Agencies – 2008
HA08101406Australian Government : Intellectual Property
HA08101412Section 16 of the Customs Administration Act 1985; request for CDPP to make undertaking to the Australian Customs Service (ACS) regarding the use and disclosure of information
HA08101413AFP/CDPP Memorandum of understanding (MOU) – review – 2008
HA08101437Request for information on copyright prosecutions; Government of Samoa
HA08101455Copyright & Trade Marks – IPECG – General Correspondence
HA08101456Definition of “imports” in the Code – decision in R v Campbell
HA08101458SCAG agenda item – DPP and ROGS
HA08101459Copyright & Trademarks: IP Law Enforcement Working Group (IPLWEG) – Melbourne, 16 October 2008
HA08101467ALRC inquiry into Secrecy – statistics
HA08101468Human Trafficking – Input to Other Agencies – September 2008
HA08101469Law Council of Australia – Model Continuing Professional Development Scheme
HA08101474Advice on legislation;Trade Marks Act and POCA;Australia’s compliance with US-Japan ACTA Text
HA08101479Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority – Liaison 2008
HA08101485DEEWR – Advice on obtaining evidence from third parties in child care investigations
HA08101493DEEWR – advice on search warrants under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000
HA08101497Supreme Court of New South Wales; Bails court arrangements over Court vacation 2008-2009
HA08101535Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA) – Ringtail
HA08101541National CDPP meeting on Centrelink issues – 7 February 2008
HA08101548Responses to Finance 2008 Scoping Study for Coordinated Procurement
HA08101549COMMONWEALTH Regulation of Mortgages, Mortgage Broking, Margin Lending & all Aspects of Consumer Credit, Including Payday Lending & Financial Counselling Services – Part 1
HA08101550TRADE PRACTICES AMENDMENT (Cartel Conduct and Other Measures) BILL 2008 – Part 1 : CONFIDENTIAL
HA08101551Section 137.1(1) of the Criminal Code and election under s. 8S of the Taxation Administration Act
HA08101560AMSA – 2008
HA08101561Home Detention – Sentencing Option for Federal Offenders in Victoria
HA08101564Cyber-safety Plan Budget Measures
HA08101565CADS 27 October 2008
HA08101573Austrade – secrecy provision in Australian Trade Commission Act 1985
HA08101576Invitation to participate in the Roundtable on International Cooperation; International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
HA08101578Memorandum of Understanding – CDPP & Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
HA08101589Australian Federal Police Practitioners Roundtable on “Human Trafficking: The Australian Police Response”; 6 and 7 November 2008
HA08101591AML/CTF Conference 2009: POC Presentation
HA08101594Review of Chapter 2 of the Model Criminal Code; (MCLOC).
HA08101596Victims of Crime; Senate Estimates Briefing; 2008
HA08101597Child Sex Exploitation; Senate Estimates Briefing; 2008
HA08101604Solomon Islands – Proceeds of Crime Workshop, November 2008: Request by AMLAT for CDPP trainer
HA08101609MOPED; Managing Office’s Prosecutor Executive and Directors 27-31 July London 2008
HA08101610MOPED; 28-31 July 2008; United Kingdom; Crown Prosecutors Service; Material
HA08101612Enforcement of Fines and Costs; Civil enforcement of court fines in NSW- request from the NSW State Debt Recovery Office to act as the CDPP’s agent in enforcing court fines by civil action
HA08101613Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) – GEMS
HA08101614Senate Estimates Hearings; October 2008; papers
HA08101615Senate Estimates Hearings; February 2008; papers
HA08101616Senate Estimates Hearings; May 2008; papers
HA08101617Inter-Country Adoption – Human Trafficking
HA08101621Advice on Legislation;Special Prosecutors Act;Attorney Generals Department
HA08101630Copyright & Trade Marks – IPECG – Law Enforcement Workshop, 14 November 2008
HA08101634Weapons of Mass Destruction (Prevention of Proliferation) Amendment (Strengthening of Export Controls and Other Measures) Bill 2008; Attorney-General’s Department
HA08101635An Intensive Corrections Order for NSW – comments to NSW AGD
HA08101639Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) – Liaison and General – 2008
HA08101640PILON Annual Meeting, Vanuatu, 5-9 December 2008
HA08101644Public Sector Performance Measurement System Research Project
HA08101659Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network (GPEN)
HA08101674Request for Legal Advice – Child Support Agency- Surveillence Evidence
HA08101682Hungarian Association of Prosecutors – Request for information on the civil liability of prosecutors
HA08101683Advice to ATO – Payment of reparation orders by instalments
HA08101684Dept of Climate Change- Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
HA08101693Advice on legislation;Crimes ACT;s4D;Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing
HA08101695unclassified; general;AEC – Request for advice – electoral advertising – stickers on newspapers
HA08101696CDPP Disclosure Working Group
HA08101697Minute;Question of Crown Application for special leave appeal to the High Court
HA08101699CICT BRANCH : International Assistance by DPP Officers – Part 2
HA08102100People smuggling statistics for Minister for Home Affairs
HA08101704DEEWR – Request for Advice – Witness Statement Requirements in Each Jurisdiction – 2008
HA08101706Child Exploitation Legislative Reform
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